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Heart of Hollywood goes online

Press Release

Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Fashion Event like to work with Heart of Hollywood

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is presenting its first ever Virtual Red Carpet event. This is an online mega-event focused on fashion that is bringing together talent from all over the word. The company went to the next level and put together a professional team to develop a structure and carefully plan the event, in order to truly bring fashion to life on the screen. The event will be transmitted from a green-screen studio in Los Angeles, California, with the help of technical staff members, including technical directors, producers and cinematographers. Multilingual virtual assistants were also hired to better serve guests attending the event if they have questions or comments the day of the Virtual Red Carpet. An additional film crew is currently capturing behind-the-scenes footage to show how the event is being made. The Heart Of Hollywood team has been tirelessly rehearsing and testing technical matters to bring only the best to our audience. One of the challenges has been taking different time zones into account. Many event partners and participants are from Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Italy and Holland. “It might be midnight in Indonesia when in LA it’s mid-morning. We need to keep the time zones from many countries in mind while we work and rehearse,” explained Giovanna Salas, Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures CEO. By choosing to innovate and start a virtual events division, this company continues to offer something priceless, an open platform for artists to showcase their work. Some of the international fashion designers that will be participating are Jesús Cedeño, Untaian Asa, Yosep Sinudarsono, Mihaela Panaitescu, All Together Fashion, Catou, Duc Design, Manish Vaid, Ridzuan Bohari and Calvin Thoo, Elena Hoffmann, Paulina Svetanova, Margit Tietz Agency and BaroQco Couture. “We are inviting audiences worldwide to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and join us for the Virtual Red Carpet event. There are so many emotions at play, such as the designers’ perseverance and hope in the face of challenges. They are not only showcasing their collections. They are also telling a story of resilience during what has been, because of the COVID-19 issue, one of the most difficult times in recent history. By attending this event, you support the crew that worked on the production of every fashion show featured,” said Giovanna Salas. In addition to 19 fashion films, the Virtual Red Carpet event will present Italian singers DIESIS, French poet Isabelle Verna Puget, and author Sandy Rodriguez, who will be discussing her new book, Choose To Prevail. “This event will have something for everyone,” stated Giovanna Salas, producer of the event.  Get ready for this global celebration of fashion and entertainment! Behind the Scenes:

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