Fashion Hall Berlin 2019 

Event Time with Wolfgang Bahro , Zoya Kostova , Miriam und Guenter Weig  - 

Dein Anlaufpunkt als Model , wenn es um Fashion  &  Beauty Events weltweit geht.

Wir unterstützen Deinen Weg ...
Gehen mußt Du ihn selbst, aber der Erfolg belohnt all Deine Aktivitäten.

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We support your way to go on Top .

Its up to you if you ll be success...

Pearltalk from Vietnam will be come to Germany
with his really great Luxury Style this Year as 
New Company to support all Activity from in Germany and of couse all
International Beauty & Fashion Events where will be inside in the next years.

Thx CEO Thao Giang  Ngọc 

Shooting Time 

Worldfinale in 2021

Pearltalk the New Edition of Design by Vietnam

If ever you ll find a great luxury Thing in this World - Pearltalk will keep on your Wishes and make your Dream perfect.

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Beauty & Health Products by LR WORLD

By Partner of LR - Guenter Weig


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Maga.jpg is the place where you can be start your Way by Modelling.on top.  entdeckt , fördert und unterstützt den Weg junger Models auf ihrem Weg an die Spitze..

Maga & Cynthia & Chela