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Miss Glamourfaces World 2023 - Worldfinale
 Final Night 21.10.2023
Ungarn / Hungary - Balaton
Dieses Finale findet nicht statt 2023 - This Final is cancelled about 2023 !
All Contestant they are readdy to start in 2024 in August in Mallorca too.
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Guenter Weig CEO
Ferewaty Soltmann CEO 36 Degrees
Feeya Soltmann
36 Degrees CEO
President Glamourfaces Teen Models
Aleksandra Radoch Co Organizer Worldfinale
Project-Co- Organizer
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Main Sponsor

Alexandra Radoch - GLF Hungary
Main Organisator 
Phone : 0036 305886883

Location /Hotel :  Heviz - Hungary

Majerik Hotel Hévíz

Miss Glamourfaces World 2023

Contestants Top Models


Final Night 21.10. 2023 
First round : Fashion Design by Designer from Hungary 
Second Round : Fashion Design by Mack Liubella - Fashion Design
Third Round : Evening Gown with Schmuck Design by Shifteh Maryan
Finale Round : TOP 1 Selection with LA HONG Fashion Design.


Winner Miss Glamourfaces World 2023