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Some News about Pearltalk

Pearltalk - Schmuck Design from Vietnam With the desire to focus on the vision of reaching out to the world with VIETNAMESE VALUES, and VIETNAMESE BRAND, a story of PearlTalk has been inspired whole heartly by CEO Thao Giang and his team for the mission of leading the trend of pearl products under PEARLTALK brand name. PearlTalk is leading the trend of jewelries and gifts with its own unique distinctive mark of LOGO Pearls and luxurious gifts in term of unique ideas, creative designs and meticulous hand-made production processes from talented artisans. Our super products have contributed to creating high-class portraits, intelligence and success for clients and business. ACHIEVEMENTS:

- 3 consecutive years of winning the title of prestigious brand voted by the Intellectual Property Association and Sai Gon Enterprise Network.

- Sponsoring the Crown for the 2019 Miss Heritage Competition in France and being a member of a number of international fashion events.

- Initiating the Pearl Heart community project to reach millions of Vietnamese women.

- Accompanied with hundreds of volunteer projects.

- Supplying gift products for Heads of state. OUR VISION: Being an international brand.

Our MISSION: Inspiring a beautiful story named “LIVE LIKE A PEARL”. - will be the Partner of Pearltalk here in Germany as Basic Company in Assozziation.


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