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Top Model Samrina Lem - Ethiopia

Samrina Lem , born in Ethiopia, is one of the most beauty Catwalk Model in this Time and she will be start by the Worldfinale  of The Look of the Year 2022 in Sanremo.

Also she will be in Dubai by the Fashion World Festival in September and in Mallorca  by 
Miss Glamourfaces World 2022 in Judge.

She is the Cover Model by Glamourfaces Magazine - GLF 
and also she will be inside the Cover Model Contest about the Magazin
Heart of Hollywood from Los Angeles.



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Potsdam - 10./11.09.2022


Afrikanisches Festival mit Beauty Contest und Fashion Show

presented by & 36 Degrees

Models can send photos  & Dates to


Models -

Handbag design by Souha Dayeh

Shooting Series 22


Larkin Poe .- 2 Sisters make your day

Rebecca & Megan from Tennesee - USA

Concert in Germany - Hamburg 06.06.2022


Music perfect playing by Larkin Poe 

best female singer 2022 - Elena Nuzman


Report / Interview with Angel Tetarbe  - India


Angel Tetarbe

Miss Glamourfaces World INDIA 2017 / 2018

presented India by the worldfinale of Miss Glamourfaces World 2018 in Berlin - Germany.

Popular Queen of Universe.   2019"

Fashion style Icon n Performer Sept  2019"

World PEACE Messenger"Dec2019,
received in Los Angeles..


Legend Dadasaheb phalke Award in India 2020,"

International PEACE Ambassador.USA 2022"


Angel Tetarbe is country winner as Miss Glamourfaces World INDIA, and as winner she got the golden opportunity to represent country India in Germany, Berlin.

Angel : 

I am very Thankful to god and greatful to meet Mr. Gunter Weig, as he is the backbone of this golden platform given to beautiful models worldwide ."-Angel .

Her life wrere very success after she won in Germany for her country India as Miss Glamourfaces World -Best National Costume,"in 2018"

Then she was chosen as "Popular Queen of Universe"2019"

Fashion style Icon &Performer 2029.,

Then She was awarded As World PEACE Messenger in 2019Dec. in Los Angeles.

Then moved to New York after pandemic year2021.

Then after pandemic was over 2021-2022 She received International PEACE Ambassador Award in USA. 

Angel : 


I believe it's my  parents blessings to mom being strength as she always support me at Every step of my life.
Its  a great Honor to receive such a prestigious Award in USA.


We all are Peace loving people.

And we are born to spread peace, Love and Happiness in this  beautiful World .

Join Hands wd me for Mission World PEACE.


Angel Tetarbe

Miss Glamourfaces World INDIA 2017/18

International PEACE Ambassador,USA