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Miss Sachsen 1995


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Schmuck Design aus Vietnam

News from Vietnam


Sophie Lloyd - she is really a great Talent and so its no wonder about her placement by the best female Guitareros 2020 as Top Number One!


Music is her first love and if you hear her music and how she playing the guitar , you ll fall in love .


Sabrina Rucks von Freie Trauungen Berlin und Jörg Unkel von den Hauptstadtfotografen haben zusammen ein neues Projekt ins Leben gerufen.
Das Hochzeitsportal !

Neben Ihren normalen Tätigkeiten als Traurednerin (Sabrina) und als Fotograf &  Videofilmer (Jörg), bieten sie ihren Brautpaaren eine Möglichkeit ihre Hochzeit perfekt planen zu können und dazu die besten Künstler und Dienstleister zu finden.

Hier spielt die langjährige Erfahrung der beiden eine immens wichtige Rolle.
Es gibt fast nichts, was die beiden schon erlebt und grandios gemeistert haben, damit ihre Brautpaare einen perfekten Tag erleben.
Im Hochzeitsportal befinden sich  Experten auf ihren Gebieten, die ihre Leistung seit langem unter Beweis gestellt haben und genauso für ihre Brautpaare brennen, wie es auch Jörg und Sabrina tun.

Egal welche Wünsche die Brautpaare haben, mit dem Hochzeitsportal werden sie wahr und der schönste Tag im Leben zu einem wirklich herausragenden Ereignis, was noch lange in Erinnerung bleibt. Somit hat das aufwändige Suchen der Brautpaare ein Ende und sie können sich ganz entspannt auf ihre Hochzeit freuen.

hier gehts zum Portal 



P1018823 (2).jpg

is going on may to Philippines

nielsen jane.jpg
liv rideg2.jpg


Make up & Hair Stylist/Artist  


ILiv Rideg - one of the most populary Make up & Hairstylist /artist from Hungary. 

She work international and got some great 
Prizes about her work! is proud to get the Chance
to use her Talent by our Worldfinale in Vietnam
in September 2021

Alina K.

Cindy Röpke

Contestant Germany


Cindy Röpke - Model based in Germany.

she start by International Beauty Events like Miss Top Model of the World and Miss Supertalent of the World about Germany.

She did win some Title and Subtitle.

she will be in September 2021  in Vietnam  and present Germany by the worldfinale Miss Glamourfaces World 2021. wish good luck and a great
Start in Vietnam!

Elena Nuzman Personentext_Fotos.jpg
Silvester 2019.jpg

IOb Klassik oder Pop, virtuoses Klavierspiel oder atemberaubende Rockröhre - Elena Nuzman ist ein echtes Multitalent, die das musikalisch scheinbar Unvereinbare zu gefühlvoller Popmusik auf höchstem Niveau verbindet.
Mit ihrem Rock-Klassik-Crossover weiß Elena einzigartige Musikspektakel zu kreieren, mit denen sie in den Konzertsälen der Welt zuhause ist.
Die Band Whitesnake war derart von Elena begeistert, dass sie ihr als einzige Künstlerin weltweit erlaubte, den legendären Song „Here I go again“ zu covern.
Dieser Hit führte zu Elenas Debüt einer sensationellen Broadway Show und für den Boxer Marco Huck war es die Motivation für seinen Sieg.

Zu Silvester2019/20 In Berlin war Elena Nuzman am Brandenburger Tor für Euch dabei und konnte uns mit der sensationellen Classic goes Rock-Hymne „Here I go again“ flashen. Mit diesem perfekten Sound schenkt sie uns den absoluten Hype für den guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr2020.

Elena Nuzman
Great voice meets brilliant piano playing

Whether classical or pop music, brilliant piano playing or a breathtaking rock singer – this young lady doesn't let anyone label her, she more likely favours a high-level fusion of seemingly incompatible music genres with lyrical pop music. ELENA is a person of great gifts: she has housed at many european concert halls celebrating her success as a professional pianist and as a singer with an exceptional 4-octave-voice and incomparable acoustic colour she has managed to thrill the audience all over the world. In her new album „Liebesträume“ (engl. Dreams of Love) she unites only the best issues from the field of classical and light music. Many of her own compositions have been inspired by her favourite works of romantic classical music. Every song accompanied by masterly piano playing carries the listener away and turns to an intensively emotive piece of popular music with its unforgettable and beautiful melody. All this is the work of a gifted thoroughbred musician.


Born in a family of a concert pianist and a violin virtuoso ELENA Nuzman had music in her genes. Already at the age of two she used to sit at the piano playing small pieces by ear. The parents fostered their daughter's exceptional talent and initially taught her music at home, thereupon at the age of seven she entered a lyceum for highly gifted children renowned for its valuable contribution in arranging the career of classical musicians. At the age of 17 ELENA already performed at many well-known european concert halls.

Being a native of Moldova she used to live in Russia, France and the USA as well as managed to delight the concert audience in Israel and Canada. Finally ELENA made her way to Germany to take classes at the renowned Robert-Schumann-Music-Academy in Duesseldorf where she graduated from with a Master's degree in piano studies and discovered the magnificent power of her voice. She had always enjoyed singing before, but only at the music academy she profesionally focused on her talent.

Rather by chance ELENA took part in song contest and won at one go in the category of Rock-Pop music. Since then she has been intent on proceeding this way. „I love playing the piano, but singing is my genuine passion. Being able to use your voice as a musical instrument thus touching and delighting the audience is absolutely fantastic,“ says ELENA.

Various musical engagements in Dubai and back in Germany helped to boost her strong determination to be a singer. In 2009 ELENA totally enraptured the audience and mass media with her debut album as a singer „I Believe in You“. This much-noticed first-born full of grandly arranged pop songs, emotive ballads and vigorous rock-cover versions immediately hit place 8 in the german newcomer chart list, where it finally moved up to number 5 and held its position in the Top 10 for quite a while. In a TV spot on RTL (German TV channel) „I Believe in You“ was even entitled as 'album of the year'.

After a number of tours and highly celebrated performances including New York Broadway, ELENA is about to introduce her much-anticipated second album to the public. In „Liebesträume“ (engl. „Dreams of Love“, official release 28th September/5th October) ELENA turns back to her roots inimitably fusing favourite classical compositions with single-turn popular arrangements. For the first time she proves her competence as a composer, since many of her 12 new songs appear to be her own creations. Moreover, being a professional musician she accompanies herself during every performance on the piano. German lyrics discuss important life issues such like love and relationship, self-discovery and search for the sense of life. „Liebesträume“ seems to reflect ELENA's character and can be considered her most personal work of art. ELENA is planning to go on tour between the end of September and the beginning of November presenting her new songs live, which is a pleasure no music lover should miss.



Elena Nuzman Ⓒ 2020